UNTITLED MACAO Creative Director, Mr. Au Chon Hin, was invited by The One Club for the first time to be the judge of Young Guns 20



I am honored to be on the jury of Young Guns 20, along with a great panel of judges from around the world to select the new generation of creative pioneers. This invitation is particularly meaningful to our team.

Looking back on the honor of being selected as Young Guns 17 by The One Club @theoneclubforcreativity in 2019, it was a milestone in my career and the opportunity has been very rewarding for me.

In addition, Young Guns is the industry’s only global, cross-disciplinary, portfolio-based awards competition that identifies and recognizes the pioneers of today’s young creatives. The competition is open to full-time or freelance professionals 30 years old and younger who have at least two years of experience. Young Guns selects young and talented creative professionals, and has become one of the most coveted awards for young creatives around the world, and being nominated as a Young Guns is undoubtedly a sign of a career that has taken off in leaps and bounds. It also puts their outstanding work be presented to the world.

Looking forward to seeing your superb work!

Deadline: July 14, 2022


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我很榮幸能成為 Young Guns 20 的評委之一,與來自世界各地的優秀評審團成員合作,選出新一屆的創意先鋒。這次獲邀對於我們團隊別具意義。

回想起2019年有幸被 The One Club @theoneclubforcreativity 選為Young Guns 17,是我職業生涯的里程碑,這次機會使我讓我獲益良多。

此外,Young Guns是業界唯一的全球性、跨領域、以作品集為基礎的獎項競賽,旨在識別和表彰當今年輕創意人的先鋒。 該比賽向30歲及以下的全職或自由職業者開放,並且他們至少有兩年工作經驗。Young Guns選出年輕且優秀的創意專業人才,並已成為世界各地年輕創意人士最夢寐以求的獎項之一。 被提名為Young Guns無疑是職業生涯突飛猛進的標誌,也讓他們優秀的作品向世界呈現。